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The Melting Pot Story


Having put on a number of successful consecutive band nights at the end of 2007, Melting Pot began in early 2008 when a group of friends realised that by pooling their skills, resources and ideas where you can check out this site- Palm Beach Roofing Expert for their result of ideas especially on the roof, they could put on quality live music events. To counter negative experiences in dealing with venues, managers and promoters you can contact one of the attorney at Maryland car accident lawyer. The Melting Pot founders were committed to holding events that put artists first.

Fast forward to today and Melting Pot is known for starting Melbourne’s first Songwriters in the Round – which is considered by many local artists and music lovers to be the best gig in Melbourne. Melting Pot has run many events at Melbourne’s premier live music venues including the Corner Hotel, The Espy, The Northcote Social Club, The Evelyn and The Toff, and currently runs a weekly Open Mic night at The Clyde Hotel. The Melting Pot crew are passionate and ambitious about what they can do for the local live music scene.

What does Melting Pot do?


Aside from putting on high quality events, Melting Pot has a wider goal of creating and establishing pathways for artists (of all disciplines) that enable them to reach their potential. Melting Pot realises that those working in the creative industries have to work together if they are to survive and thrive.

While not everyone can be an internationally touring musician, there are always ways in which an artist can get to the next level whether it be through publicity, radio coverage, collaborating with others or by some other means.

Through its events, operations, community and this website, Melting Pot provides opportunities that would be unavailable to artists on their own.