// Caitlin Harnett



Caitlin Harnett hails from Sydney, Australia but her songs evoke Laurel Canyon of the early
1970’s. They share the personal and poetic nature of Joni and Jackson Browne’s early songs, youthful in their outlook but with age-old concerns at their core.

Q&A, with Caitlin

Define your genre in five words or less:

Folk. Country. La, la, la!

How long have you been writing and playing music? Was there a song or moment that first inspired you?

I started writing songs in the bath when I was 8 and recording them onto cassettes with my sister playing tambourine. I got a guitar for my 11th birthday and taught myself from a book and kept writing from then on!

If you could travel back in time and show one of your musical heroes your stuff, who would it be and why?

I would love to play for Joni Mitchell. She has been such a big inspiration to me and I think she would be a very incredible lady to sit down and talk to. Also, Jeff Buckley. I would love to sing for him!

What are your favourite venues?

The Enmore, The Annandale, The Basement, Raval (which has now unfortunately stopped having live music) and The Clarendon. They are all very pretty venues that create some wonderful vibes!

What are your top 5 favourite albums?

This is the hardest question. I can give you 5 albums that I love but I could never pick a top 5. 1. Jackson Browne - Late For The Sky 2. Joni Mitchell - Blue 3. Whiskeytown - Pneumonia 4. Fionn Regan - End of History 5. The Jayhawks - Tomorrow the Green Grass

What is your most memorable gig (playing or watching)?

When I played at Apollo Bay Music Festival in 2010. Every gig was very special but the one that stood out was the Woodstock Tribute where I sang on this giant stage to over 1000 people. It was just me, my mandolin, harmonica and a whole lot of people singing along to 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' with me. It was a very memorable moment.

Where do you usually draw inspiration from as a writer? Do you have a process? eg music first, lyrics first etc

I read a lot and listen to music at least ten times a day! I usually sit down with my guitar and the music and lyrics just come out. I do tend to start off by playing my guitar and humming in gibberish! I'd love to record it sometime for a laugh.




- Jason Lowe