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Craig Johnston, AKA Delsinki Records is a Melbourne based singer songwriter. Originally from Hobart Tasmania, Craig has been involved in several varying musical projects over the years. As the founding member of alternative rock outfit Gretchen Lewis, who released their debut album ‘Issue 1’ in 2010, produced by Lindsay Gravina (The Living End & Magic Dirt) through Green Media. His current and most revealing project to date, is Delsinki Records.

Q&A, with Singer

Define your genre in five words or less:

Alternative, americana, pop

How long have you been writing and playing music? Was there a song or moment that first inspired you?

21 years Ive been playing and writing. I honestly can't remember what inspired me to pick up a guitar... But I recently started playing trumpet and that was inspired by the show Treme set in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. The show is made y the same people who did 'The Wire'

If you could travel back in time and show one of your musical heroes your stuff, who would it be and why?

I probably wouldn't show them haha I'd feel they would feel very under whelmed by my songs!

What are your favourite venues?

The Bakehouse The Prince Public Bar The Wesleyanne

What are your top 5 favourite albums?

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - RHCP Astrocreep 2000 - White Zombie Mule Variations - Tom Waits Weight - Rollins Band King For a Day Fool For a Lifetime - FNM

What is your most memorable gig (playing or watching)?

Playing - The Bakehouse with Brooke Taylor November 8 2016 Watching - Slayer @ Vodaphone Arena

Where do you usually draw inspiration from as a writer? Do you have a process? eg music first, lyrics first etc

Inspiration comes in many forms, it could be something someone says or a picture or a space in an area of a suburb that inspires a thought. No real process re music over lyrics but I'd probably would say a melody can be what kicks me of most times.


Adult Contemporary


- Al Burns - Al Parkinson - Andy McGarvie - Brooke Taylor - Jamie MacDowell





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