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Inspired by the likes of Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell, Domini's poignant lyrics and transporting melodies open little windows into intimate moments. Her strong, pure voice lilts and croons across a colourful tapestry of harmonies, fingerpicked ukulele, guitar and glockenspiel.

Q&A, with Domini Forster (singer, songwriter, guitar, uke)

Define your genre in five words or less:

Sweet, dark and folky

How long have you been writing and playing music? Was there a song or moment that first inspired you?

I remember writing really bad songs about boys and heartbreak when I was in early primary school. But it was when one of those pesky boys taught me a few chords on guitar in early high school that I really found my love for songwriting. The first song I wrote on guitar was about breaking his heart though! Ouch, sorry.

What are your top 5 favourite albums?

Right now? These: Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle // Sufjan Stevens - Carrie and Lowell // Open Swimmer - Canyon // Yann Tiersen - Amélie from MontMartre // Ainslie Wills - Oh the Gold //

What is your most memorable gig (playing or watching)?

There are too many! But one of the most memorable was watching an MSO string quartet performance of Steve Reich's Different Trains at Platform 1 in Melbourne. The venue is inside an old train tunnel under Flinders street, so as we were listening to the performance, the recorded tape loops of train sounds and the sound of ACTUAL trains rumbling overhead merged together and created this amazing immersive and surreal experience.

Where do you usually draw inspiration from as a writer? Do you have a process? eg music first, lyrics first etc

I'm generally a cathartic writer, so I often draw on something that's going on in my life or psyche for song content, and then take a whole lot of artistic license with the narrative from that point. Sometimes a song will start with a lyric that pops into my head, and then I have to find music to fit it. But mostly I find a little seed or idea on guitar or uke, and then as I repeat it over and over, a melody and lyrics will start to form.




- Al Parkinson - Charm of Finches - James Kenyon - Leah Senior - Phoebe Sanger



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