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Forest Falls is a folk/pop powerhouse based in Melbourne, Australia. Combining rich, multi-part vocal harmonies, anthemic melodies and thoughtful instrumentation, the six members of Forest Falls write music which is equal parts captivating, uplifting and heartbreaking, drawing parallels with the timeless likes of The Middle East, Arcade Fire and Elbow.

Q&A, with Lucy Rash (vocals, violin, keys, guitar)

Define your genre in five words or less:

Architecturally rich folk/pop.

How long have you been writing and playing music? Was there a song or moment that first inspired you?

I'm classically trained having started learning the violin at the age of six. I've dabbled in other instruments ever since; there's probably not an instrument in existence which I haven't laid my hands on at some point. French horn is my current love! I owe a large percentage of the reason for loving music to my first violin teacher, Ann Roffe. She once read me a quote from her very own first violin teacher which was along the lines of "life is music and music is life" which resonated so well with me. Ann taught me that there is an innate joy in music which can only be unlocked by fully appreciating the richness of your culture and surrounds. She taught me to experiment with my music making and to unashamedly 'make sound'. I remember my very first lesson: close to no talk of technique. "Just make sounds" she said. I remember the immense joy of producing sounds that I'd never in my life heard before.

If you could travel back in time and show one of your musical heroes your stuff, who would it be and why?

I would love to discuss the ins and outs of vocal harmonies with The Andrews Sisters. There has never been anyone like them.

What are your favourite venues?

I love a good, old fashioned band room like The Gershwin Room at The Espy, St Kilda; we played there recently with Husky on Easter Sunday 2015. Why? Because everyone is there for the music - it's the binding factor. But the real excitement of performance comes from experiencing different venues and appreciating them for what they are; we love playing acoustic shows in fairy lit lounge rooms just as much as we enjoy rocking the New Music Stage at high noon at St Kilda Fest. Every experience is different and we love to read the context and crowd to put on the best possible show.

What is your most memorable gig (playing or watching)?

When I heard the incredible Grizzly Bear play their track Foreground live at Billboard a couple of years ago, I think I died and went to heaven. There is so much beauty in the raw simplicity of that song. I strive for that kind of brilliance.




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