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April 30, 2012 by Van Roberts

Melbourne outfit Bayou have just released their self-titled EP. Bayou has a quiet, eerie sound filled with sudden bursts of fuzz. All of a sudden I feel like I’m in a diner in Louisiana with Phil Spector and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Bass player Cheree Dobra expands.

How did Bayou get together?

Angela (vocals) had a bunch of a capella Garageband recordings she wasn’t sure what to do with. and Tim (guitar) had some guitar-based songs. After a drunken Facebook exchange of said songs Angela and Tim decided to join forces. That was pretty much the genesis of Bayou. Slowly a band culminated in Tim’s living room and we’ve been playing shows since late last year.

Bayou’s a bit of a hybrid of WA and Victoria.

Franny our drummer is the only bonafide Victorian. The rest of us hail from WA though we didn’t really know each other. Our courtship is mostly owing to Melbourne’s swarming Perth expat community. We’re all pretty occupationally engaged: a social worker, an arts manager, a comms marketer, a barwoman/student and a high school teacher. We’ve each been in bands before, though I think they were each very different to Bayou.

How was the recording of your first EP Bayou?

We wanted to get our songs out to bookers so we could play in venues because we were a new band. Fortunately for us our friend, the very talented Robin Waters, did some really good stuff with our sound and the EP that eventuated is something we’re very proud of. It’s downloadable via Bandcamp but we’re also currently having 7 inches pressed with the view to launch them in July sometime.

What’s the response been like?

We’d like to think the response is positive! Of course we try to feed off the audience but with hot lights on your face mid-song you just have to go with it and not be too caught up in expressions on faces. We’re generally not a band who inspire people to thrash around like morons, for better or worse.  Audiences tend to watch pretty earnestly and say nice things to us later on.

What are Bayou’s plans?

Our intrepid festival chasing guitar player is currently enjoying the aural fruits of Coachella, but when he returns we have shows lined up through winter. We have the launch that we need to get up and running. Beyond that we’re getting busy writing with a view to release an album down the track and also focusing our energies on making friends with other bands! The scene is pretty huge here and we’re hoping to buddy up with some similar sounding bands.

With a title like ”Leader of the pack”, I was expecting the EP’s opening track to be ‘60s pop. What I got were haunting vocals and a persistent drum beat. The band describe the song as “tribal rock for the ghost house.” That’s about right. And they’re also snappy dressers.

Bayou will play as part of the Wilding album launch on May 18th at the Old Bar.



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