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Best of Comedy Malaysia

April 4, 2012 by Van Roberts

By Van Roberts

The lower town hall was filled with expats anticipating the Best of Comedy Malaysia, featuring new talent Kuah Jenhan, TV star Douglas Lim and comedy idol Harith Iskander.

Kuah Jenhan got things started with observations about Melbourne and his awe at how women make themselves up (“mascara is basically a miniature toilet brush”). Kuah’s fluid physical comedy was the strongest part of the show; his explanation of a “Bollywood fist” had the man next to me slapping his thigh.

Douglas Lim had the most political set, with gibes about Chinese stereotypes and Malaysia’s government. A musical ending to the show came in the form of a Justin Bieber cover. “Babi” is “pig” in Malay and Douglas covered Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, changing it into a song about a love for pork (“I can only eat chicken, fish and cow/I’m like babi, babi, babi oh”).

Comedy legend Harith Iskander ended by getting stuck into Perth; he was an exchange student in the early ‘80s. Singapore didn’t escape his sharp eye either, its lack of cigarette butts got him quite angry. An excellent physical comedian, his elastic face was fascinating.

Best of Comedy Malaysia was a pleasant way to spend the evening, though it had me chortling, rather than laughing out loud.


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