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Cathouse Canary

June 4, 2012 by Van Roberts

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A name change, a new drummer and a debut EP. It’s been a big year for Cathouse Canary who will let their “five-track baby fly free” on the 15th of June.

Guitarist and vocalist Kieran Stevenson explains that the band started out in 2009 as Baron Sunday “with just three of us, Mads Thornton-Smith (Keys), Dermot Walsh (Guitar) and I playing around.” He laughs about the group’s origins “I discovered Modest Mouse and it changed my whole outlook on music. I began writing a few terrible songs, real stinkers.” James Moore, a high school friend, was recruited to play bass and new drummer Eden Ludekens arrived. Kieran explains that he’s a “gun and blessing. In terms of musicianship he leaves us all in the dust.” After changing their name to Cathouse Canary the group, which includes a writer, pilot, art student and engineer, headed to the studio.

The band started recording their debut EP “The Bluster Thick Thought Speech” over a year ago. They recorded and produced it themselves and “it’ll be released online and in a run of about 50 physical copies, which we’re printing one-by-one ourselves on a dodgy HP printer.”

There’s no rest for the wicked  – or a band who play out of an East Melbourne granny flat and “hassle the geriatric neighbours and the restful dead in the cemetery down the road” according to their Facebook page. They are already working on their second EP “Baron Sunday is Dead” which will be feature both older and newer songs, Kieran suggests that it “should be a bit more garage and sonically darker.”

The gig on the 15th of June will be a joint launch; Creatures of Karma will release their concept album “Redemption and the Red Dress.” Rock Scars and Ceres are also on the bill. Cathouse Canary are pretty excited; “four bands and two records at one the finest live music venues Melbourne has to offer. God damn it!”

Cathouse Canary will release their EP on the 15th of June at the Northcote Social Club. Tickets are $15 – pre-sale through Facebook $10. Doors at 8pm.

Cathouse Canary Facebook page

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