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Comedy at Spleen

March 12, 2012 by Van Roberts

By Van Roberts

I was between a rock and a hard place, or rather between my friend and the stand-up comedian who was asking me what my name was. I froze and smiled. The MC quickly moved onto the eternal question: what would have happened if Hitler had a beard instead of a very square moustache? Brunswick Street hipsters would be in some serious trouble indeed.

Every Monday night, Spleen on Bourke Street becomes a comedy hub for a few hours. The tables are moved and replaced with chairs and a couch. It’s cosy. In tonight’s fast-paced show, MC Steele Saunders introduced a variety of international and local acts. His affection for the comedians was clear, as was his sharp-tongued skills and fondness of a rant. A word of warning: don’t go wearing Crocs.

Of the comedians that came up onto the tiny stage there were hits and misses. One stand-up seemed to be stuck in a drunken monologue about what he had for dinner. Another compared her online dating experience to ‘Romeo and Juliet’, but with a more squelchy ending. I had to smile because I was so close to the stage. Sometimes the duds are just as entertaining as the silver-tongued comics.

Celia Pacquola bounced around the stage, comparing loo paper to a long-distance relationship, ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.’ She brought the point home by throwing her arms in the air and doing a few hip thrusts. Jacques Barrett was sharp and well-rehearsed, especially his high-pitched impression of Sydney’s tanned, skinny Paris Hiltons. The audience were riveted and left with wide grins.

Just get there early, unless you want to be sandwiched into a left-of-stage love seat. Then you’re really asking for it.

Comedy@ Spleen

41 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Mondays@ 8.30

Gold coin donation appreciated


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Van Roberts

Van is a Melbourne freelance writer. She has contributed to Frankie, Time Out, RHUM and The Pluck. A book of poetry will be released soon.

Van spent hours on a typewriter as a child, which gave her a love for the written word. She also has an appreciation for wrestling, tequila and coffee. Van writes a blog, Scribbley-Ness.

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