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Crystal Thomas

April 9, 2012 by Van Roberts

by Van Roberts

Writer and musician Crystal Thomas is set to release her second album ‘A Chance in Hell.’

Born and bred in Sydney, Crystal ‘fell in love with the stories of Melbourne, this glorious music-loving city.’ She found inspiration in St. Kilda’s music scene and has been based there ever since.

Her first album ‘Crystal Thomas and the Flowers of Evil’ was released in 2008 and she describes it as having ‘a layered and lush sound.’ Her latest release, ‘A Chance in Hell’ has been a long time coming. After the initial recording two years ago, Crystal went travelling throughout Europe including a stint in Spain.

Back in Melbourne, she decided ‘to finish the album and get it out there. Mick Harvey (former Bad Seed) suggested I contact Lindsay Gravina to mix and master it. That was the beginning of a great rapport with Lindsay and a fine product.’ ‘A Chance in Hell’ was produced by Spencer P Jones and Matt Walker and is released by Off the Hip.

Her latest creation has been baptised ‘Australian Gothic’ and she is happy for her music to be given this tag. ‘This album is more of a seething, sexy, disco-noir laden beast, expressing hurt and subsequent debauchery.’ A raven-haired storyteller, Crystal has a unique turn of phrase and is fond of ‘the Australian vernacular.’ Her lyrics are dark and poetic: ‘it has some introspective moments aside from the rock’n’roll swagger.’

She hopes to tour the album but it ‘isn’t financially viable at the moment. So we’re going to concentrate on Melbourne.’ After such a long time between recording and releasing, Crystal is excited about the launch. ‘It will be a big celebration and one that I hope people will come and be a part of.’

Crystal Thomas launches ‘A Chance in Hell’ on Saturday 21st of April at the St. Kilda Bowls Club.


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