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Die Roten Punkte @ The Famous Spiegeltent

April 4, 2012 by Van Roberts

By Van Roberts

Die Roten Punkte (the Red Dots) burst onto the stage in a whirl of sparkles and lipstick. Brother and sister, Astrid and Otto Rot waved their ‘tentacles in the air’ to a eurobeat. We were in for a cabaret and a comedy show.

Astrid, the drummer, relentlessly teased her brother, Otto who looked like the MC from Cabaret but with a flying V guitar. Die Roten Punkte played a series of songs, Astrid sometimes stopping to make eyes at an audience member she had singled out. She got him up to undo part of her costume; ‘nice and slow, this is an audition’, she deadpanned.

Die Roten Punkte’s storytelling and pop songs were enjoyable, especially their explanation about how they were orphaned, escaped an evil Aunt and Uncle and then got jobs in a bakery.

During the second half of the show, the routine between Astrid and Otto didn’t flow; only the start and finish lived up to the name Eurosmash! The final song could have been Germany’s entry for the Eurovision with its chorus of  ‘smash your hearts together’. It wasn’t quite a Eurosmash! but I have been singing that tune ever since.


Check out the video of their first single “Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter” (I Am Not A Robot… I Am A Lion)

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