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Fear not musically challenged, help is on its way

May 21, 2013

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Do you think you sound like geese dying when you sing? Maybe you tried to play a guitar like a violin at a party and have never lived it down? Maybe you were kicked out of the High School Choir? Or maybe you harbor the desire to play/sing/dance in tune but just don’t have the confidence to do so.

All of us at some stage have been told we’re not good enough, don’t know enough or are just plain terrible at something. And so we stop, shelving our aspirations for fear of failure and fledging confidence before we know otherwise, when all most of us probably need are a few words of encouragement or a supportive environment to get back on whatever horse it was we fell off.

Melissa Main is The Musician’s Accomplice and her philosophy is simple: Find the right, supportive environment and then go for it, unencumbered. She provides individual mentoring as well as a range of classes for those at the beginning of their musical journeys. A singer‐song writer, Melissa is self‐taught. She got a guitar at 18, and it wasn’t until she was 27 that she played her self‐penned songs to an audience – one friend who had coerced her into doing so. The response was laudatory and was the validation needed to take an adored bedroom hobby to the next level and has gone on to perform and create music as a solo artist and within collaborations.

A teacher by trade and a passionate musician, Melissa runs the classes and workshops with ardent fervor and the services she provides are designed to equip participants with the tools, be it performative, musical or temperamental, to blaze forwards as they please, much like her pushy and supportive friend those years ago. So even if you think you can’t make music, like, you really, really, really can’t make music you actually can, you just need to give it a go.

– Zita Whalley-


Melissa Main is currently running “Singing for the Terrified” and “Music for the Musically Uncertain” classes at Offbeats Music Cafe in Preston. She is also running a one-day performing workshop called “Amp up your Show Pony” on the 1st of June, perfect for developing your stage-skills. Melissa is also running a School of Rock beginners music jam with Laneway Learning on 5th June.

For more information, please checkout her website www.musiciansaccomplice.com or email her directly: themusiciansaccomplice@gmail.com.  

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