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Grey Ghost

Image: Tim Boehm
September 6, 2012

The lights dim. The crowd silences.  A chord is played. Adrenaline builds. He pulls off his hood and walks onto the stage spitting his first words into the mic.

‘Yo when it started it was nothing but a M+*&% dangerous love… “

Bass, drums, and in one sway the crowd moves.

“Living like a ghost inside the machine of it all. I was wanted from the Gods while I was singing this song… black ghost with a gold chain.”

Wild dreads sling to and fro as he waves his body to the beat. The crowd swings to and fro, raising hands to match.

The gods want him and the crowd loves him. His name is Grey Ghost, a kid who fell in love with music when he found hip-hop. Now, he has brought that love to the stage for the last 6+ years.

The way he spits lyrics into the microphone can be reminiscent of some of his musical influences such as The Fugees, Tribe Called Quest, and even Nirvana and Grace Jones.

Clad in Abstract ‘African’ print pants and a denim hood half covering his signature beard and shaved head with dreads piled on top, Grey Ghost switches from cheeky rap lines to smooth raspy vocals to create a genre that transcends the previous ages of hip-hop. It’s an experiment fusing rap beats with post punk guitar riffs and quick paced rhymes with electronica keyboards. And, like an artist who understands how the visual plays along with the music, Grey Ghost commands the stage in a distinct style that is all part of the entertainment for the crowd.

‘When stepping on stage you’re becoming art for people to look at. It’s like art on the wall of a gallery.”

With a background in graphic design, animation, and illustration GG is an artist excited not only by the music itself, but also the imagery that goes alongside the lyrics and beats. In one of his videos he sings in a bowtie and one black and one white shoe and then spits heartily into the microphone in nothing but a pair of pants and a hat while the crowd around him moshes into wildness. His life is about creativity and creation and it expands beyond his music.

“Seeing all the pieces of the puzzle collide. Yo, I’m running undercover just for one more time… and it’s game set magic and this game ain’t yours.”

Ever since he was a child, the self described ‘black sheep’ thought he’d be a famous performer creating the kind of music and iconography that other musicans such as Nirvana (remember the Nevermind cover?) and MIA have become iconic for. After, grappling with a few short breaths for an hour dancing at his concert, the smile on everyone’s face tells me he’s well on his way.

“Black ghost with a gold chain…just a filling with a gold name.”

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