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Help Needed: Songwriters in the Round Needs a New Home!

March 9, 2012

After more than 3 years and more than 130 memorable shows in the round, we can confirm that Seraphim (formerly Vibe on Smith), the restaurant / venue which hosts our Songwriters in the Round (SITR) nights will be closing at the end of the month.

Since February 2008, we have hosted more than 350 local artists as well as a number of interstate and international acts in our intimate lounge room environment. Songwriters in the Round has become a favourite for both artists and audience members with many touting it as the best gig in Melbourne and even Australia.

Luckily, having just launched our website and found a film crew to cover our events, we have the tools and community necessary to find a new venue and take SITR to the next level.  We can’t do this alone… so we would appreciate your help with spreading the word and making sure we leave no stone unturned in finding a new home for Songwriters in the Round, one which will allow it to continue to grow.

Here are some criteria to help guide our search.

  • Location – Ideally in a central location, such as the Fitzroy area or possibly the CBD.  Ease of public transport is an important factor.  We would prefer not to move too far afield, to Northcote, Richmond, Brunswick, St Kilda etc. unless the venue is amazing.
  • Room Size – Similar size to Seraphim’s upstairs room (or possibly slightly bigger).
  • Room Shape – Ideally a square or circular room.
  • Entry – We’re looking for a building with a separate function room/band room that enables us to charge for entry.
  • Stage/PA – No stage required, but preferably a good PA.
  • Weekend Availability – We would ideally want to continue running on Friday nights.  We do not want to be running this event during the week.
  • Bar – Must have a bar, or at least the capability to sell food and drinks.
  • Relationship with venue – Ideally someone who understands music and is passionate about it.

We’d like people to think outside the square on this one.  There are so many creative spaces around Melbourne.  We might be looking for a function room or an art gallery rather than a bar or pub, for example.  All suggestions are welcome!  Just add to the comments below or email us at info@meltingpotonline.com

So get your thinking caps on, keep your eyes open, spread the word and pretty soon we’ll have a new venue to continue this amazing night of music.


The views expressed in this article are the views of the author and not necessarily the views of Melting Pot.

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