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Jack Gramski – From Crickets to Claps

August 31, 2012

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Jack Gramski is a talented singer-songwriter with a musical armoury of guitar, harmonica and vocals, writing out of the Bob Dylan sonic gym.


His new album, From Crickets to Claps, is a locally focused, evocative collection of music that relies heavily on Gramski’s charismatic live performance.


The lyrics are Melbourne. Gramski’s voice delivers with a Michael Stipes style and a poetic reliance on the folk influence of the greats of the genre before him. From Crickets to Claps will take you back to that hour early wake up to watch CheezTV before school and a flood of other Australiana memories.


His balls-out, full band power performances are balanced with melodic, melancholic ballads. It’s an interesting emotional rollercoaster; there is a truth to his performance that instils it with an experienced credibility.


The overall album sound is distinctly under-produced – I can say with some certainty that I heard a car in need of new brake pads during one of the recordings, though it may have been Gramski telling me to start fires.


This isn’t a negative thing – From Crickets to Claps isn’t some Nickelback album trotted out to fill money briefcases. The rougher sound projects a love of the process. It’s a raw, unfiltered brew.


From Crickets to Claps is on the cusp of true quality. Occasionally, the music will take a detour from the expected route, but it seems like an artist really starting to hit his stride and feel himself out to create real work.


These divergences produce something special. Jack Gramski is a true local performer – you’ve got to be in the pub, drinking the beer. This is a man to see live. Get drunk. Dance with some pretty girl. It will make a memory worth keeping.


You can check out Jack Gramski’s Facebook page here, or come along to Horse Bazaar next Thursday to catch him play with Tim Woodz and Yokey, starting from 9.30pm.


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