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Josh Forner @ The Edinburgh Castle

July 12, 2012

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Recently gaining another year on the clock, folk/rock solo performer Josh Forner embarks on his very first residency this July at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel in Brunswick.

After performing around Melbourne for the past five years under various¬†monikers –¬†including “Josh Murphy & The Squad of Tyranny” and “Filthy Soup” – Josh finds himself at home with just him; his words and his guitar.

He’ll be featuring both songs from his upcoming debut album – “Leading to Nowhere” – as well as all-new material and the sneaky cover or two in his set.

Performing alongside Melting Pot artists:

JULY 13 – Zoe Ryan
JULY 20 – Jakksen Fish (The Unholy Racket)
JULY 27 – Lily Parker (Secondhand Heart)

From 6 PM every Friday at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel – 681 Sydney Road, Brunswick – Free Entry.

Why not kick your weekend off with a dose of the good stuff from Melting Pot and Josh?

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