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Luke Escombe and the Corporation – Mantown

September 1, 2012 by Chris Gorley

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Mantown, Luke Escombe’s second album, isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues like love, death and terrorism. Clearly enjoying themselves, Luke Escombe and the Corporation have produced a polished album of rock, funk and blues.


Launching off with the foot-stomping “Drop tha Bomb”, the tone is set for some satirical humour, which is peppered throughout the album. The use of a megaphone is particularly effective, suiting Escombe’s vocal style. With hints of Barry Adamson and Nick Cave, the gruff delivery and swagger adds a real punch.


There’s great use of the Hammond organ on “Love the World”, “Devil” and the fantastic “Land of the Dead”, performed by Lachy Doley of Powderfinger fame. On “Confidence”, Escombe has married some comedic lyrics with serious issues and fused them with a sound that is both breezy and, indeed, confident.


The album does well to balance the more upbeat, guitar-heavy songs like “Rock and Roll” and “The Ship is Sinking” with slower songs, “Blue Heat” and “…Rainin’” but perhaps drops off midway with more conventional songs, “iMan” and “Hometown Killers”.


While carrying similarities in part to Flight of the Conchords and Tenacious D, Mantown differs, offering an album that has some more serious roots, paying homage to the likes of Reverend Gary Davis. Escombe’s mature songwriting weaves a tale of learning how to live and die in our modern world. While the lyrics to some of the songs are less than serious, their composition and execution warrant further listening.


Mantown has been worth the wait.


You can grab Mantown over at Luke Escombe and the Corporation’s Bandcamp page.


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