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March 2017 Featured Artist: Jemma Nicole

March 20, 2017 by Josh Forner
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Adelaide native Jemma Nicole has called Melbourne home for a while now, and her immersion into the Folk and Americana scene in this town has been a gradual, yet impressive success. Surrounding herself with like-minded and supportive musicians has built for her a loyal and knowledgeable fan base – and continued releases and new material have kept a fresh aspect to her amazingly dark-yet-uplifting country sound.

Jemma has recently released her latest single, ‘Guilty and Free’ at the B.East to much fanfare and excitement within the Americana scene. Alongside the single, came a new music video to accompany it – and a new hairdo!

Speaking to Jemma about when she decided that music would be a part of her life, she reveals that it wasn’t always music that was leading the way for her, “I worked in the medical industry for a long time. That’s what I am trained in since I left school,” when it was working with her Dad one day at his Adelaide clinic which paved the way for her to chase that dream;

“He noticed that I was quite distracted a lot of the time,” recounts Jemma, “He did sit me down one day and say ‘I think your head’s really in music and you really need to follow your dreams…” And that she has clearly done, releasing her debut album, ‘My Darkest Hour’ in 2016 to high praise and into regular rotation on the Triple J airwaves. Jemma attributes much of her new-found success to support from within the industry.

“I feel really supported in the Australian Americana scene, particularly in the Melbourne scene. I have a lot of close friends in the scene and we play a lot of music together and write together… so I feel very lucky that my very first album did get a bit of attention,” Help from collaborators such as Jorma Vik, drummer for LA punksters ‘The Bronx,’ has surely also led to some of Jemma’s recent success.

None of this success has at all been an overnight success, as it may seem from the outside, as Jemma Nicole has been a non-stop performer since the age of 23, slowing down only to released ‘My Darkest Hour’ last year.

Jemma puts great value on Melbourne’s music community – not just the Americana scene she finds herself in – but as a whole, describing it as being full of “Really good humans;”
“Some of my closest friends are in the scene, and I just love that we get to play songs together… as lame as that may sound,” she says as we continue to reflect on the idea – strong within the Melbourne live music scene – that helping people is the way to get forward.
“Yeah, there’s a lot of that, actually,” Jemma remarks, “Very minimal ego, and everyone’s willing to share contacts and ideas… share venues and bills together…”

Jemma Nicole turned again to trusted producer Simon Morrow on the recording of this album, having utilised him for her EP recording, ‘Kill Your Ghost’ in 2013. She hand-picked her performers for each song, and as fate would have it, a good number of them have landed themselves in the Jemma Nicole band as she tours around her new material in 2017.

Writing is underway for Jemma Nicole’s second album, but she insists that she’s not in any rush to get it done.

You’ll be able to keep track of Jemma Nicole’s upcoming dates and releases via her Facebook page.

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Author Details

Josh Forner

Josh Forner is a folk/pop songwriter from Melbourne, Australia and Virginia, USA. Forner was born in Melbourne on July 2 1988, and spent the first 18 months of his life there before moving with his parents to the town of Reston in Virginia, USA. At the age of 3, Forner and his mother returned to Melbourne, where he has stayed ever since.

Josh sings of love, primarily (wow, what a shock right?), but also on his list of ‘hot topics’ are politics, famine, poverty and - of course – landscapes: the folk writer’s favourite.

He’s played with some of Melbourne’s stalwarts including Timothy Cannon, Bridget Pross, Mr Brady, Pro Rata, Gabriel Lynch & Kyle Taylor, and has contributed two of his tracks to non-profit compilation CDs in the past.

Josh’s repertoire continues to grow. He released his first album, a 10-track LP entitled ‘Leading to Nowhere’ at The Workers Club on May 28th, 2013. Forner has since returned to the studio to begin work on a 5-track solo EP to be released by the end of 2013. Following that, he has plans for album number two in 2014.

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