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Melting Pot announces partnership with online music distributor Ditto

July 3, 2014

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Melting Pot are excited to announce a new partnership with Ditto Music.  From an idea born in a tiny Birmingham flat in the UK, Matt and Lee Parsons have helped over 60,000 artists distribute their music to a world-wide audience.  Since starting out, Ditto has released 11 UK top 40 singles – all from unsigned artists – and artists like Price, Paul McCartney, Finch, Suzi Quatro, Ed Sheeran, Maverick Sabre, Tupac, and Manfredd Mann have all partnered with Ditto to get their music into as many digital stores as possible.  They are now expanding their operations with an office in Fitzroy and are keen to work with Australian artists.  With a similar origins story and knowledge of Melting Pot’s ‘Songwriters in the Round’ nights, it seemed to make sense to combine forces and resources…


Why Ditto?

It only takes a few minutes of trawling through websites, forums or discussing past digital distribution experiences with other musicians to realise it is a minefield out there.  They all offer slightly different packages, everyone has a strong opinion (positive or negative), and so sifting through the information and mis-information can be a real challenge.

Ditto offers a service that on paper stacks up to be as good (or better) than all the competitors – regardless of the view you may already have about other online distributors:

  • Artists pay a small upfront fee but keep 100% of money from sales;
  • They distribute to iTunes in over 220 countries, and hundreds of digital stores all over the world including Spotify, Shazam, Rdio, Rhapsody etc. (For a full list of stores check here.);
  • They offer support from real people who want to help you (by phone or email); and
  • They offer tools and services to help develop artists’ careers and have shown they are able to get independent artists into the charts.

Ditto’s claim that they provide cheaper distribution to more places than Tunecore or CDBaby is likely to have artist’s wondering “what’s the catch?”  And rightly so!  We wondered the same thing when we were first introduced to Ditto.  But we have found them to be professional, reliable and committed to delivering on what they promise.

As our own Liam Dixon from Melting Pot says “What got this over the line was meeting with Sarah Hamilton who is in charge of the Australian arm of Ditto.  She loves music, she’s been to our events, she knows the artists – and more importantly “gets” the artists and what they want.  She’s not a bean counter in an office overseas, but someone who is passionate about music, the music scene and believes Ditto can offer something to support that.”

What does this mean for Melting Pot artists?

The partnership means that Ditto Music will offer worldwide online distribution at half price for any Melting Pot artist. So for Melting Pot artists, worldwide online distribution prices will be approximately $10 (depending on the size of your release).

To take up Ditto on this, simply send an email to Sarah at sarah@dittomusic.com with a URL link of your page on the Melting Pot website and she will send you a unique code.

If your artist page needs to be updated, you can login here


For more info about Ditto – their story, pricing, FAQ, who else is using Ditto etc visit their website – http://www.dittomusic.com/ or watch their video:



The views expressed in this article are the views of the author and not necessarily the views of Melting Pot.

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