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Melting Pot dual launch sells out the Northcote Social Club

Melting Pot continued to break new ground with a sell out show at the Northcote Social Club for the release of Creatures of Karma’s album and Cathouse Canary’s EP.  Also part of the lineup were Ceres and Rock Scars.  Although Melting Pot has become known for putting on big launches at many of Melbourne’s premier venues such as The Corner, The Toff, The Espy, The Evelyn and The Curtin, selling out a venue such as the Northcote Social Club is important going forward as it is booked by the same people that book The Corner Hotel, The Workers Club and festivals such as Falls, St Kilda, Sunset Sounds and Southbound.

It is fitting that Creatures of Karma were able to be part of the bill that achieved this milestone for Melting Pot as an earlier version of the band played the very first Melting Pot event back in February 2008.

If you are interested in checking out the band’s releases, check out the links below:



And here’s a link to the making of Creatures of Karma’s concept album “Redemption and the Red Dress”:


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