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Melting Pot Launches Membership

February 6, 2015

Seven years after its first event, the Melting Pot team are extremely excited to introduce a membership.  The memberships will be available from this year’s first Songwriters in the Round event on Friday the 6th of February at the Wesley Anne and offer a range of benefits to members including discounted entry to all Melting Pot events for the year.

WHY? You may ask

  • We noticed there are a number of regular audience members supporting our nights and the local scene.  We wanted to support them and encourage others to do the same.
  • There are a number of projects and initiatives that Melting Pot has planned for 2015 such as a live compilation album (what an album it would be) and consistently filming our Songwriters in the Round nights.  Like most things though, to get them off the ground it costs money.  By receiving this money up front, it will enable us to continue these projects now as opposed to later in the year.
  • We also want to be able to reward our most dedicated friends and supporters by making sure they are the first to know about the exciting updates we have.

This year’s memberships will be $30 and available to be purchased at any of our regular events throughout the year.  While there is a financial incentive to become a member (it will have paid itself off if you attend 6 events for the year) the membership is really about supporting Melting Pot and the local live music scene.

There has also been an increase to the entry fee for the Songwriters in the Round event which is now $15 (or $10 for members).  Those that are used to the $8 entry (or $5 when the event started in 2009) might be surprised by the jump, but in response Melting Pot founder Liam Dixon had this to say:

“We have come a long way since we started.  The event is now monthly and there are literally hundreds of artists wanting to play.  The quality of the night has inevitably gone up.  We know this is a special night and want to be able to keep it that way.  We want to be able to keep supporting artists and promoting what they’re doing – but more often than not our main barrier is having enough dollars to fund our initiatives.”

Perhaps this should have happened a long time ago.  Many people in the audience will pay more than $15 on either a meal, or on drinks or both… and yet they are coming for the music.  In having six high quality artists performing on the one night for less than ten dollars, we have inadvertently been both underselling the artists’ craft and undercutting other events.  Each artist has spent years writing, recording, practicing, performing and honing their craft… and there are six of them on the one night!  The reality is that a quality event costs money and as an arts organization, Melting Pot should be a leader in educating both the audience and the artists.  This way it gives great artists and would be great artists as well as others involved in the industry a greater chance to survive financially.  This means they can continue doing what they do best and we can keep enjoying the music that they create.


The views expressed in this article are the views of the author and not necessarily the views of Melting Pot.

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