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Melting Pot’s #onething begins Thursday

April 17, 2017 by Liam Dixon
Article Series: #ONETHING
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#ONETHING asks artists a simple question: What is the 1 thing they wish they knew when they started.

We’re pretty excited to announce that we have a new video series that we will be launching this Thursday the 20th of April – #onething.

The OneThing asks artists to think of the one thing they wish they knew when they started – this could be about themselves, about songwriting, about the industry – whatever first comes to mind.

Already we have a number of incredible artists signed up to give their “one thing” which we think you will all find to be quite entertaining and inspiring.

If you’ve got a “one thing” of your own – please let us know via our contact page or through our social media channels.


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Author Details

Liam Dixon

Liam is the founder and director of Melting Pot. Once a regular performer at Melting Pot events as the writer / frontman for local band Creatures of Karma, these days Liam works as a commercial lawyer by day. When hes not busy doing lawyer stuff or with Melting Pot, Liam loves to write, play and record his own music and see the odd gig around town.

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