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April 25, 2012 by Van Roberts

Professional wrestling is alive and kicking in Melbourne.

Thornbury Theatre was filled with people of all ages on Saturday night; kids, teenagers, oldies and middle aged. The crowd had one thing in common – they were screaming at the wrestlers in the ring.

Melbourne boasts unique characters in the wrestling world. Danny Psycho, Cletus Blood and Jacko Lantern (with his trademark Smashing Pumpkin move). They may not be as well-known as WWE’s Undertaker and John Cena, but they put on a hell of a show.

A tag-team match featuring KrackerJak and his “bastard” tights was filled with drops, bodyslams and some hilarious comments from the wrestlers. As the matches went on the crowd’s enthusiasm grew. One whole family delighted in picking on every single “bad” wrestler.

When Adam Brooks won his ladder match, several women got up to blow him kisses and get handshakes. After touching the young wrestler, the women turned around and mouthed “oh my god” to their friends.  It’s easy to get carried away.

But it wasn’t all men. Shazza McKenzie and Eliza Sway battled it out an atmosphere of quiet reverence. The audience hadn’t noticed that male wrestlers do exactly the same groin-in-opponent’s face moves. Apparently wrestling only resembles the Kama Sutra when women do it.

The main fight was billed as “India vs. Australia” – Sanjay Dutt against Matt Silva. After all the silly costumes, entrances and bravado during the first half – the headlining show seemed dull and serious. I want my wrestling to be cheeky, over-the-top and violent.

Melbourne’s wrestling scene is growing; new wrestlers and new events are popping up every month. Forget about the “fake” tag, it’s a great night out – a few drinks and the opportunity to scream at the top of your lungs.

MCW presents MCW Dragonfly on Friday the 27th of April.

Melbourne City Wrestling holds regular events at the Dragonfly and Thornbury Theatre.



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Van spent hours on a typewriter as a child, which gave her a love for the written word. She also has an appreciation for wrestling, tequila and coffee. Van writes a blog, Scribbley-Ness.

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