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Nikki Britton

April 4, 2012 by Van Roberts

By Van Roberts

The dynamic Nikki Britton bounded out from behind the tiny stage to tell us that. the show was about how her life wasn’t going to plan.  Any content people in the audience were told to leave, ‘there’s no room for positivity here’.

Nikki’s love life is a mess; the last man she met over the internet stole her wallet. At the same time, she is trying to survive her friends’ baby showers without vomiting. She has tried religion, then Zumba to try and find meaning.

Throughout Flaw Plan, Nikki makes sharp comments about her family, friends, and sex; ‘I got my education from Degrassi High, so the first time I had sex I put on a Canadian accent’.

A talented physical comedian, her interpretative dances got the most applause from the audience. A wobbly choreography to Queen’s ‘Don’t stop me now’ ended with her skulling a bottle of Gordon’s Gin and collapsing.

Just as things were looking sad for Nikki, she found a friend in her upstairs neighbour. This part was just plain schmalzy, but despite a wishy-washy ending, Flaw plan was a bold and sassy show.

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Van Roberts

Van is a Melbourne freelance writer. She has contributed to Frankie, Time Out, RHUM and The Pluck. A book of poetry will be released soon.

Van spent hours on a typewriter as a child, which gave her a love for the written word. She also has an appreciation for wrestling, tequila and coffee. Van writes a blog, Scribbley-Ness.

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