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#onething – Dru Chen

June 1, 2017 by Liam Dixon
Article Series: #ONETHING
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#ONETHING asks artists a simple question: What is the 1 thing they wish they knew when they started.

The #onething is a new series we have put together to inspire artists (and anyone else) who follow what we’re doing at Melting Pot.  We’re very excited to have the super talented Dru Chen to give us his one thing.  Having known Dru for some time and followed his many musical achievements from afar, I’ve noticed how from time to time he also shares the challenges of being an artist – which is refreshing as many artists feel the pressure to present the best view of themselves at all times particularly on social media.  But if this is all we and other artists ever see, then it can create a perception that no one else is ever doing things tough.  So it is a real pleasure to have Dru Chen on board – and to hear that even he can struggle with motivation and emotions – just like all of us!

A sound that evokes distant memories served up with an infusion of the old and new – indie-soul singer-songwriter Dru Chen delivers melodic odes to the inner audiophile in all of us. His music strikes up the senses with a profusion of hooks, accompanied by sensuous grooves that satisfy the mind, body and soul.

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Liam Dixon

Liam is the founder and director of Melting Pot. Once a regular performer at Melting Pot events as the writer / frontman for local band Creatures of Karma, these days Liam works as a commercial lawyer by day. When hes not busy doing lawyer stuff or with Melting Pot, Liam loves to write, play and record his own music and see the odd gig around town.

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