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Peny Bohan chosen to join Faye Blais at the Thornbury Theatre

Toronto based singer-songwriter Faye Blais is no stranger to Melbourne or to Melting Pot – having performed in some of the very first Songwriters in the Round nights back in 2009. As a successful independent artist that has toured the world, Faye is someone that appreciates the importance of a healthy and supportive music scene – at all all levels – for new songwriters to continue to build careers out of their talent.  So when discussing the idea of incorporating local artists sharing their talents by video in the lead up to the show, it seemed a fitting way to celebrate what Faye has done for not only many local musicians but for musicians all around the world!

And we were not disappointed!  There were many amazing, creative videos posted by local singer-songwriters.

Then came the hard part – a “winner” had to be chosen.  Melting Pot generally stays away from competitions as music is such a subjective thing that it seems wrong to say that a song or artist is better than another when someone else’s opinion might be different.  However, in this case, we thought that given Faye’s reputation and the concept of sharing the talents of the local scene, it was a very cool idea!  Although there were many worth winners amongst those that submitted videos, after much deliberation Peny Bohan was chosen as the winner with her beautiful song and performance.  We are very excited to have Peny joining Faye, Broni and Genevieve Chadwick at the Thornbury Theatre on Thursday the 3rd of April.

Check out Peny’s Video (and the other entrants below)

Shannon Kennedy

Bec Sykes & Troy White

Marta Pacek

Kath Yong

Nat & Fletch


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