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Return to Youth – ‘Sail Away’ Single Launch Review

September 19, 2012 by Erin M

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The warm yellow glow lighting up the small stage in the cosy, carpeted band room of the Grace Darling Hotel was a stark contrast to the chilly rain outside on Wednesday night. Blue fairy lights hung from the stage walls and tumbled across the floor at the feet of alternative-pop trio Return to Youth.


Wednesday night saw the launch of Return to Youth’s catchy new single ‘Sail Away’. Following support acts Les Garcons and Daydream Arcade, the crowd huddled closer towards the stage as the lovely Marites (vocals and keys), Matt (guitar) and Alan (drums) started the show. The technical problems at the beginning only added to the suspense. Marites huskily uttered something into the mike about technical difficulties before her voice cut powerfully through the room as they finally burst into their first song of the night.


The set began with some of their older tunes from their first and only EP, ‘Glow in the Dark’, then delved into their new gems. You could hear the progression from their simpler, purely pop-rock 90s style into a more harmonic and complex sound, both lyrically and technically. There was still a sweet yet raw consistency throughout, with Marites, Matt and Alan each adding their own unique sense of power mingled with carefree energy.


Amongst their own tracks were covers by Kate Bush and the National. ‘Running up that Hill’ emphasized the strength of Marites’ voice, and the cover of ‘Anyone’s Ghost’, while not as dark and haunting as the original, still got deep under your skin and tugged at you in a more naive, innocent way (propelled, again, by the striking sweetness and passion of Marites’ voice).


The single ‘Sail Away’, a song about redemption, was a definite crowd-pleaser, with everyone getting carried away by the irresistibly catchy melody. Although a seemingly summery, cheery tune at first, there were underlying tones of something deeper; of hope, hurt and release.


Each copy of the single was tucked into a hand-stitched pouch with an array of cute prints so you could choose your own personal copy. Just like receiving a personalized letter from Return to Youth, but with delightful tunes instead of words.


Keep an eye and both ears out for Return to Youth – they are a perfect pop-rock sound for Summer!


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Erin M is a Monash graduate of journalism and metalsmithing. She plans on learning as many languages as she can and spends most of her time writing, working/sitting in cafes, and planning which music festival to go to next.

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