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REVIEW: AYXNMD EP Launch at The Workers Club

July 24, 2014 by Peny Bohan

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You know it’s going to be a good gig when there is already a decent amount of people milling around to hear the support acts. Unfortunately, a combination of cancelled PT and a poor decision to trek across to the next tram led me to miss Tash Sultana’s performance, but I only heard good things from the audience.

As I walked in, the buzz from the steadily increasing crowd was friendly and there was an increasing anticipation to hear the final band. My night kicked off with an endearing set by Elliot Friend, who I was surprised to hear hadn’t played together in a while. The music was tight, embellished by the very distinctive vocal sounds of the lead singer whose unusual inflection of words at times produced an amazing rhythmic sound. Harmonies were great and just left me wanting more.

Next up was Nicolette and the Forte Jam Band. Her warm tones and friendly banter quickly induced the crowd to get in close. The front rows (of which I found myself irresistibly drawn to) sat down – no mean feat on the concrete floor of The Workers – turning the gig into a very intimate affair. The addition of a giant percussion man, who knows maybe the angle I found myself at made him look taller, and the very talented Duncan Yardley on violin really capped off this performance. I found that I was left with one of those warm fuzzy good feelings inside and a smile on my face.

A quick break for a beer and by the time I turned around the venue was packed. Having not heard Anthony Young and the Next Man Dead before all I can say is; “goodness, what a treat!” A handsome sort, all broody looks and quiet intensity, Anthony quickly captured the room creating a driving head bopping vibe. You could see people wanting to break out into dance. His voice was clear and cut through the band effortlessly. With very distinctive songs and bass lines that just grabbed you, it was great to hear these guys really get into the set.

Well rehearsed sounds, a banging rhythm section (Danny Finkelstein on drums; Tim Chambers on bass), very enthusiastic keys player and some well placed guitar solos all combined to make this gig into something special. I especially liked the space in the songs. It was great to be able to just stand back and get lost in the groove. After trekking through such a freezing night, AYXNMD were just what I needed to warm up.

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Peny Bohan

Peny Bohan is a Melbourne based songwriter who delivers Urban Folk music that will make you want to stay, buy her a drink and wrap yourself up in her melodies.

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