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R&R Melb house shebang show helps musicians with cost-effective pledge rewards

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Hi, I’m Nikita

You may have seen me sitting at the door of every Sunday afternoon Songwriters In the Round at the Wesley Anne last year. I’ve been a massive fan and supporter of Melting Pot and what they do for our music community of emerging artists and it’s mostly thanks to them, plus you the musicians who I watched every Sunday that spurred me to create my music blog Raindrops and Rooftops (R&R).

R&R is now 1 years old and has received the kind of readership I never would have expected from what once was a little hobby blog created in August 2012. Now armed with a team we’re getting bigger and better and that has allowed us to take on a new live project.

I have just launched a crowdfund campaign for the R&R’s very first house show. Running under the pozible gigs competition for 30 days, our goal is to raise $2000 to fund the musicians and set up the space in a Raindrops and Rooftops theme with the best quality sound and light. The money therefore isn’t going towards a marketer, promoter or even myself for that matter. We just want to create a fun and exciting experience that gets you talking.

“This is my chance to share with you musicians, projects and people I am passionate about. Therefore the rewards for your pledges are not only for music fans but also you the musicians too!”

You can virtually meet me through the  video and campaign up on pozible.


Why it’s worth putting money behind your music
My loveable mum once said that in order to get anywhere you need to invest in yourself. This has taken me from tropical sunny Cairns to unpredictable weather stricken Melbourne and from time to time I’ve volunteered for music business knowledge, purchased ebooks and even paid and flown to an AFTRS workshop in Sydney for one weekend.

Why am I doing this?
I do this because I love our music community and I really believe in the emerging sounds coming out of this scene. I want your music to create the kind of hype I feel everytime I sit down to write a post I know many others will enjoy reading on Raindrops and Rooftops.

I’ll say no more, here are the offers:

Looking for some killer photo press kits to send off to media or festival directors?

Ian Bickerstaff professional photographer is offering a series of documentary style photographs taken in various locations, behind-the-scenes candid writing, rehearsal and live shots, portraits and band shots.
Valued at over $499! | Reward price $249 | 2 available | ianbickerstaff.com

Want to play bigger shows and sell more music?

Steve Palfreyman online music marketer is offering a one hour strategy session via phone or web conference.
Valued at $97 | Reward price $47 | 3 available | stevepalfreyman.com

Would you like to recognise the true potential of your sound?

James Mackey producer and music mentor is offering one hour one-on-one songwriting sessions in person.
Valued at $99 | Reward price $49 | 5 available | James Mackey Music

Want to take that new single in your head into the recording studio?

Ben Coe recording, producing and mixing artist, from Penguin Records is offering a day of studio time at ColourSound Recording Studio completely produced and engineered. Davy Simony’s Discover EP is a sample of what Ben Coe can do.
Valued at $700 | Reward price $399 | 1 available | Penguin Records

Purchase any one of these rewards and you have not only invested in yourself and helped my music blog, you have left yourself more time to create the exciting music I may hear on the radio, see at a festival or even write about on Raindrops and Rooftops. There’s a limited amount of these rewards available. Don’t put it off, pledge now!

Nikita x




The views expressed in this article are the views of the author and not necessarily the views of Melting Pot.

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Nikita Andrea Vout

Nikita Vout is a Melbourne based writer under the guise of a Charles Sturt University graphic design student. Moving from tropical Far North Queensland Nikita has plunged straight into the music scene and doesn't look to emerge any time soon. Nikita primarily writes for her blog Raindrops and Rooftops.

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