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Say hello to Lime Cordiale

March 22, 2013 by Nikita Andrea Vout

Brothers Oliver and Louis Leimbach front the quirky and groovilicious Lime Cordiale. Think cleverly crafted and cheeky lyrics, killer trumbone and energetic, eventful live music that gets your heart pumping. Oliver fills us in on working with his brother, Peats Ridge Festival and their favourite Melbourne bands amongst others.

How did Lime Cordiale come about?
Well, brothers are kind of forced together. We had no choice but to play music as kids. But if you told me at 5 years old that I’d be working with my brother when I’m older, I would have called you a willy brain. We occasionally rotate the other musicians in the band. We’re heading to Melbourne in a couple of weeks with Shea Duncan on Keys and James Jennings on drums. They both went to the Conservatorium of music with me. We’re playing Melbourne Trombonist Louis Cuming for the first time. Haven’t met her yet. I’ll sure she’ll shred.

Who writes the songs for Lime Cordiale?
Louis and myself. Sometimes together and sometimes apart. But we don’t have a formula for writing like some people do. Sometimes we start with melody. Sometimes we start with the chords. Sometimes write from a laptop. Sometimes just with a guitar.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Whatever is happening around us at the time. When I’m bored, I can’t write music. Louis broke his leg at the end of last year and couldn’t walk for six weeks. The songs he wrote then were pretty different. Not so happy chappy but still great because they were genuine.

What do you enjoy most about performing to a live crowd?
The fact that there’s a crowd there at all is the exciting part. Early on, we played a lot of shows to friends. We’d know everyone in the audience… if there was an audience at all. So now, things are really exciting.

Our shows are always pretty different for us as well. We change things up a lot on stage and often try new things. Sometimes one of us will get thrown off by what someone else is doing and fuck up. But that’s all part of it!

Favourite gig for 2012?
Peats Ridge. The tent was full and the vibe was great. I was dirty and smelly. Brendan (Trombone) and Louis smoked a spliff on stage. All good times.

Favourite Sydney based band?
Anyone that we’re working along side at the time. I recently wrote a song with Dennis from Electric Empire. That band kicks ass and I’m stoked to have worked with him. Sticky Fingers also kick ass.

Favourite Melbourne based band?
Isn’t every band from Melbourne good? Yeo is supporting us at The Workers Club – I love his music. The Cat Empire. Eagle and The Worm. Saskwatch. Is Blue King Brown from Melbourne?

What’s in store for Lime Cordiale this year?
We just finished recording an EP. So once that’s all mixed, mastered and Louis has done the album art, we’ll release it. Then we’ll play a heap of shows around it. Then we’ll probably just want to record more!!!

Catch Lime Cordiale at The Workers Club, Saturday March 30th with supports from Yeo, Tanya Batt and Winter York

This article was originally published on Raindrops and Rooftops here.

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