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Single Review: Nicolette Forte – Hold Your Hand

Image: Emma McEvoy Photography
July 29, 2013 by Kim Lajoie

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Hold You Hand is a fun, catchy tune that’ll leave you humming the melody. It’s upbeat and accessible. This is a song everyone could (and should) listen to. Nicolette has done well – writing a song like this is much harder than it often seems.
But Nicolette has done more than that; she’s used the medium of acoustic pop music to promote an important message of inclusion and acceptance. Here, Nicolette joins the ranks of Michael Franti and other conscientious songwriters who use their artistry and musicianship to comment on society and move us forward. This is an artist whose
‘subversive’ message is that the message shouldn’t be subversive. Nicolette’s gift is being able to express her message in a gentle and friendly manner.
Production-wise, this song takes a clean and sunny approach. Subtle hand claps and a bright acoustic guitar lead us into the first verse. Aside from the some quirky percussion noises that come in every now and then, the song is mostly a bass-drums-guitar-voice affair. The background vocals in the bridge and final chorus demonstrate just how well Nicolette’s soft voice blends with itself. It’d be great to hear some more harmonies and backing vocals, although I suspect that might weigh down the effortless lightness of the song in its current form.
Hold Your Hand that deserves to be widely played and heard. Nicolette Forte has a bright future ahead of her.

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