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Styled By a Rockstar

May 31, 2012 by Lindsay Christine

Three separate women. Three separate bands. Each soaking in the individuality of effortless style.


Cilla Jane’s voice floats with the same sweetness her vintage dresses exude. Guitar in hand, and clad in 1950s style polka dots or  shifts from the 1960s, she enchants with tales of wise owls and her body made of glass. Her open honesty about the trials and joys of life shine through her metaphors and invites you to relate and become part of her world. It’s a world of the good girls who wear pearl collars and full length skirts.


You & the Colonies blend their pitch perfect harmonic voices with two guitars and a cello (aka the really BIG guitar). But it is the lead singer, Cynthia Sear, who captivated me with her style. As everyone knows, vintage is in, sexy will never be out (unfortunately), and a leather jacket will always make you look cooler. But jodhpurs? Where do you place those? I place it underneath the heading “Cool Girls Who Stay Ahead of the Trend.” Apparently, jodhpurs are all the rage now. And Cynthia knew it a week ahead of time. Like style icon Kate Moss, Cynthia’s style is effortless & practical. Somehow, girls like this just know what will be next and with their pretty girl looks stay ahead of the crowd and leave the rest of us with jaws dropping in envy.


Belting out a range of tunes with the soulfulness of Janis Joplin or Melissa Ethridge, Meredith from the Anoushka delivers grunge, a hard bass, and a raspy voice all dedicated  to the gods of rock n’roll. Her style mixes slashed tees, buckled boots, and leather leggings. And I’m sure away from the broiling lights of the stage there’s a leather jacket or two involved in there. Heralding a tough rebellious vibe, girls like Meredith are copied in ‘how to’ spreads in Vogue channeling the androgynous look. Unfortunately, the originals can never truly be copied, for no matter how many times I slash my boyfriend’s T, I will never quite be able to carry it off with that true rock n’roll edge.


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Lindsay Christine

Profiling independent emerging designers over the years has budded into more than a hobby for Miss. Lindsay Christine. Whether posting trends, shopping, designers, street art, and art exhibitions on her blog FashionLittle, scouting emerging international designers for her online store Onyxmilk or styling for FoxTel's Planet Unearth, Lindsay Christine hunts for the new, now, and next in the fashion & art industries...all to share with you.

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