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The Artist’s Choice: Coming Soon…

May 17, 2013

As the Melting Pot website (in it’s current form) goes into it’s second year, we thought it would be good to conduct a bit of research.  With every artist that signs up to our website invited to share their favourite venues and albums, we figured it might be worth putting together some lists (yep, we’re that kind of cool!)

These lists will not reflect what’s popular for everyone in the Western world (or even Australia), nor will they represent what’s “hottest” … whatever that means!  They will be merely a list of albums and venues that are favourites among many of the artists that form part of the Melting Pot community. So no big deal.


I can almost hear your mind ticking over… if this is a list of the favourite albums among local songwriters and musicians then it promises to be skewed in the way of people that value the craft of songwriting, lyrics, recording and everything that goes into making a good album!  Many albums listed will be the ones that have been incredibly influential in shaping the writing and music of artist’s right now.  The results are unlikely to feature albums from talent competitions on TV or make automatic selections of songs that have managed to straddle both the independent and commercial radio stations at once.

But that’s not altogether a bad thing… in fact it promises to be quite an interesting read!

When Melting Pot artists were given the torturous task of being forced to list their 5 favourite albums, many responded that “it would change every day” and that listing only 5 was “impossible”.  One could say that this suggests our so-called “research” is rendered meaningless and in response (we would be glad it was just one person) we would defiantly say “you’re wrong!”  We are not setting out to find the greatest album of all time or the greatest venue in Melbourne, but to find what is popular among the Melting Pot community.  Chances are, if you have not listened to any of the albums in the top 20, then it’s probably worth giving it a shot!

So stay tuned for further updates and if you know of any artists that are yet to signup that would like to (and therefore have the ability to influence the coveted artist’s choice lists), please let us know.

It’s not the most popular, not the “hottest” but the artist’s choice.  Can’t go wrong with that!

The views expressed in this article are the views of the author and not necessarily the views of Melting Pot.

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