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The Jewelry of Lewis Allen

May 9, 2012 by Lindsay Christine

It’s not every day that a jeweler asks you into his studio and then calls your family heirloom ring “disguisting”. Granted the words, “I like your ring” did come before that, but in the age of air kisses and snarky comments from namelesswebmaster102 it felt odd to hear an insult face to face. Odder still was how it hit me as a refreshing taste of honesty. I didn’t care that a guy thought the beautiful ring my mother passed down to me was gaudy. I only wanted to ask this honest guy more questions.  “What inspires you?”


He had me glance at a few pieces of his work. Shiny geometrical cuts of metal criss-crossed and piled into patterns for his necklaces and rings. For him the designs take shape as his fingers break the saw over the metal or he lights the fire to mold the silver and steel. An inspiration doesn’t sprout and inspire him to work, but it is the work itself, the touch and feel of the tools that brings to light an idea, a necklace or ring.


Fairly new to the trade of a jeweler/metal-smith, Lewis Allen has only seriously pursued it for the past few months. But he has been making jewelry for a couple of years. Selling bespoke cuffs, and rings, and other one off pieces wasn’t his initial design when he studied sculpture at MRIT. Yet, when he took jewelry as an elective to have the opportunity to work with metal instead of the wood he typically used in his sculptures, he found himself leaning more towards the art of jewelry making. Working with pieces of art that will be worn rather than viewed in a large space is a refreshing change for Lewis and one that I’m sure the guys and girls who wear his self labeled “androgynous jewelry” will be glad to hear.

Lewis Allen’s passion is felt in the way he talks about his craft. Huddled over a coffee against the the rain outside, he honestly reveled his obsession with a few new metals and excitedly spoke of a necklace design criss-crossing five chains above a large pendant. Working like a true artist, he is devoid of any dreams of fame or even quests to market himself. Rather, he sits at his bench crafting a new design for the sheer love of making jewelry. Although, he does take a few moments to post pictures of his work on his blog  and may even be willing to customize a cuff or necklace. That is, if he is honestly interested in the idea…



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