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Travis Aulsebrook is Hudson

Here at Melting Pot HQ we’re eagerly awaiting the next Songwriters In The Round Friday March 8th. Hudson (Travis Aulsebrook), a familiar face to the rounds fills us in on his recent EP release and what’s on calendar for the year.


Tell us a little about yourself…

My musical persona is called Hudson but my friends call me, Trav. I’ve been living in Melbourne now for two and a half years after moving from Fremantle, WA. I think songwriting for me can be the easiest and also the hardest thing in the world. It can take me five minutes or it can be like drawing blood from a stone over months and months. Some people have told me I write good ‘journey’ tracks for road trips and the like but for me, I feel like well written and performed music automatically makes for good highway accompaniment. Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ is my recommended album for any planned Nullabor excursions, in case you were wondering.


You recently released The Undertow EP (your second EP), earlier this month, how does it differ from your last EP?

Time. My first EP was recorded just four months after I started writing songs for myself. It was all done in a bit of an excited newbie rush. For this one I had a good year or so to dream up arrangements and then a decent chunk of time to get them down in the studio. I suppose it resulted in a more layered, more considered approach and we kind of hit some open or ethereal sound that I’m really happy with. I worked with Joe Hammond again (Pot and Pans Studio – he recorded my first EP) and we have developed a pretty good working relationship, knowing each others’ abilities and how to make the most out of a song. He really is producing some great work lately. I also had Nick Huggins work on a couple of tracks with me and it was great fun, he has a musical brain the size of Jupiter.


You’ve performed at Songwriters In The Round before, what do you enjoy about playing at this particular gig?

The audience, in general, listen. I know it’s a no-brainer but gig goers can be a non-appreciative bunch at times. I also like giving some background about my songs before playing them and really enjoy the opportunity to play with some artists I haven’t met before.


What’s in store for Hudson this year?

This year is my year to get a band together. I think I’m ready to commit to being in a serious musical relationship with two or more persons, so that will be happening. Obviously I’m playing songwriters but I’m also supporting some old mates, Rainy Day Women and Split Seconds from Perth at the Workers Club on Saturday March 16. In the meantime I’m planning the who, what and when for EP #3 but for now that’s a bit hush-hush.


Hudson’s The Undertow EP can be purchased from iTunes here.

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