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Why Marketing and The Cure Are Not Evil (Part II)

June 10, 2013 by Seamus Anthony
Article Series: Mewzo vs Monkey

Seamus Anthony's blog is about how the Musician (aka Mewzo) must first win "the battle" in the mind. Old Zen geezers call the problematic aspects of the mind "The Monkey". If you can tame the Monkey by getting your thinking right then happiness and success as a musician, on your own terms, are within your grasp. It's Mewzo Vs Monkey - let the battle begin!

Continued from Why Marketing and The Cure Are Not Evil (Part I)

Sounds Like a Job for The Cure:

Say goodbye on a night like this
If it’s the last thing we ever do
You never looked as lost as this
Sometimes it doesn’t even look like you
It goes dark
It goes darker still
Please stay
But I watch you like I’m made of stone
As you walk away

And then there’s the romance.

Teenagers are very romantic. They don’t just fall in love with one another – they leap body, mind and soul into a Grand Canyon sized abyss, dash their everything against the rocks and then wilfully writhe and twist and spurt bloody emotional agony all over the place. They pine like dogs with separation anxiety and their hearts pound like jackhammers in their chest at the smallest thought of their latest crush.

Adults may scoff, but to a teen, each infatuation is a matter of life and death. The Cure knew this and how to push that button with pin-point accuracy:

Say hello on a day like today
Say it every time you move
The way that you look at me now
Makes me wish I was you
It goes deep
It goes deeper still
This touch
And the smile

…and the shake of your head

…and the smile


They Want To Change It All

But the ultimate and defining feature of being a teenager is the long, slow preparation for departing the nest.

I hear tales of kids these days staying at home until their mid-late twenties but (here I go again) back in my day we were out by our late teens, early twenties. This was preceded by years of increasing discomfort with being at home. The desire to leave and do everything your way (i.e. completely different from your parents) builds and builds until eventually it is unbearable.

You end up becoming so incredibly shitty with your poor folks and they way they do things. Unfair, really, but its nature’s way. They would argue that they were just doing things the way they’ve always done things and you didn’t mind when you were nine, thanks very much. But that’s precisely the thing that shits your average teenager.

As a teen, you’re sick of the way things have always been done in your house and YOU WANT TO CHANGE IT ALL. You live with a constant, desperate urge to physically run and find your new soul mates (parent replacements) and make it all perfect again (like you felt when you were little).

I’m coming to find you if it takes me all night
Can’t stand here like this anymore
For always and ever is always for you
I want it to be perfect
Like before:

I want to change it all
I want to change!


So, Basically, The Cure Are Awesome Marketeers

I knew nothing about marketing (‘twas blissful ignorance) back when I was a sweaty, ‘orrible, naval-gazing teen.

But I knew how I felt.

And I knew how my friends felt.

And I knew that we all felt it very strongly.

We needed a way to express these feelings, to communicate them to each other and to the world and The Cure, through brilliantly crafted and, ultimately, cleverly targeted songs and image did a perfect job of allowing us to tell our story to the world and to each other simply by buying their products.

No doubt they would be horrified to read about their art in terms of “marketing”, but that’s because marketing has a bad name and suffers from many misconceptions.

Marketing at its best is not a cynical exercise in manipulation; it is a healthy, necessary function of life. It is about serving others by understanding what they need in order to feel better about life and providing it for them, backed with clear communication.

In doing so, we make people happier, and this is exactly what the The Cure did so well for me and so many teens, and probably still do to this day.


Seamus Anthony is a musician, writer who is currently taking his music, his writing and his whole being and pouring it into his mission to inspire and motivate creative people like you to feel better about Life and to enjoy increased happiness, health and success. Check out his website, Rebel Zen

The views expressed in this article are the views of the author and not necessarily the views of Melting Pot.

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