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April 30, 2012 by Van Roberts

Xenograft (def.): Tissue or organs from one species transplanted into or grafted onto an organism of another species.

In a crowded Brunswick Hotel, Xenograft hit the stage. At first I thought I was seeing a metal band, then a jazz ensemble and later on a prog group. I have never heard anything like it.

With good reason the genre listed on the band’s facebook page is – “I don’t care anymore.” With so many styles and instruments in their music, the band is a transplant gone right – a new beast. Xenograft is made up of six members and eleven instruments including the saxophone, glock, drums and synthesisers.

Xenograft have been around since 2009 and they released their first EP Exit in May 2011 and it was received “pretty well, we think. There’s been a couple of nice reviews,” says Saxophonist Nicholas Coulter.  He continues “we’ve recently been working on pre-production for a second EP which we should start recording soon.” The instrumental band have toured Sydney twice and plan to return.

Xenograft live are a wild and passionate ride. Nicholas says that “it’s great to know that with so many bands in this town, we can still provide the audience with a unique experience.” The crowd at the Brunswick Hotel are as confused as I am at first – where exactly is the melody? Soon enough we are all dancing and nodding to this music that we don’t know how to classify. And that’s a good thing.

Xenograft will play at the Sans Vox Instrumental Showcase on the 5th of May. They will debut a new song.






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