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We need you to contribute to Melting Pot!

We’re looking for writers, photographers and filmmakers to help cover all the goings-on of Melbourne’s thriving music and artistic scene.

We need reviews, interviews and articles to keep our readers abreast of what’s happening in local music. If you’re a writer with pieces or ideas you think we might be interested in publishing, send us an email so we can get your work up on the site. We also need the work of photographers and filmmakers to show people some of the art that makes our city great.

In your submission email, please either attach your work or give a brief run-down what you want to show us. Mention your experience and, if available, links to past work so we can have a look. We’re accepting submissions from everybody – old hands, newcomers, young or ancient. If you love the Melbourne scene, get involved! We will get back to you eventually, so don’t fret if we haven’t responded immediately. If more than a week or two has passed and you think you may have slipped through the cracks, send a brief followup email and we will get back to you. We may not accept all submissions, but if it’s relevant and good, we will do our best to make sure it gets up there. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to pay for contributions at present.

Send submissions to contribute@meltingpotonline.com and be sure to include “Melting Pot Contribution” in the subject field of your email.

Show us what you’ve got!