// Aaron Dobos



Aaron is a Sound Engineer based out of Sing Sing Recording Studios in Melbourne. At Sing Sing, he has had the opportunity to work and learn from some of the top Artists, Engineers and Producers from both Australia and around the world.

Seeing how these Producers and Engineers operate has allowed Aaron to build his own arsenal of techniques and he is able to help with most projects and styles of music. As an Engineer in his own right, Aaron has worked with artists ranging from British India to Wiley, and Phantom of the Opera as well as recording the orchestral sections for the X Factor Australia.


Describe your approach in the studio in 5 words or less:

Things that make you think

How long have you been recording in the studio for and what inspired you in the first place?

I've been recording music as a job for the last 3 years, but I've have probably been doing it since I was in high school.

If you could work with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Jack White, his music always sounds like him and he has an attitude about what he does.

What are your top 5 favourite albums?

Mutemath - Odd Soul The Black Keys - Brothers Silverchair - Diorama Nick Cave - Henry's Dream Paul Kelly - Any album

Where do you draw your inspiration and ideas from?

The music I'm listening to, the way I'm feeling, books I'm reading, the way people play their instruments. It all affects the way I think about things in the studio.

Who are your 3 favourite engineers / producers and why?

Tchad Blake - Everything he does sounds awesome. There are so many layers to it all. Steve Albini - I like his attitude towards music and the way his records feel. Paul McKercher - His studio approach is amazing and his ears are incredible.