Friday April 17th 2009

Having started in February 2008, “Songwriters in the round” is widely considered to be Melbourne’s best weekly acoustic night. It consists of three artists sitting facing each other in a circle in the middle of the room, taking turns playing their songs while the audience sits around them on comfy couches with drinks and pizza. It’s unique, intimate and often interactive.

Doors: 7pm
Cost: $5


  • Liam Dixon
    • Siobhan is a Melbourne based singer songwriter whose music is often described as acoustic pop. She draws the listener in with her cryptic lyrics which are accompanied by her often...
      Siobhan (Em Conners)
    • Timothy Haines is a good looking, recently and now forever short haired musician who specialises in being honest about situations he mostly makes up, making them sweeter with a uke...
      Timothy Haines
    • Dan waters is a Melbourne based, left of center, country folk songwriter. Some of his songs are sad, some are funny, others are dark, and some are all of these things and less. It...
      Dan Waters
    • Nyssa Bradsworth
      • Benji P


123 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065