Friday August 1st 2014

Since starting in 2008, Songwriters in the Round has gained the reputation of being one of Melbourne's premier acoustic events.

In a different concept, 3 singer/songwriters (and any pals they happen to invite along to play with them) are seated in a circle in the middle of Wesley Anne's gorgeous band room. They each take turns in playing their tunes, one by one, and so it goes 'round'.

The audience is intimate. They're all closeby, within arm's reach, intently listening, providing silence for each performance and truly taking in the beauty of SITR.

Treat yourself to yet another breathtaking performance at Songwriters in the Round. It runs the first Friday of each month at the Wesley Anne, with 2 rounds each night.

We are getting pretty full now so make sure you get down super early to secure a seat!! OR book a table by calling the Wesley Anne: 9482 1333

Doors: 7:45 PM
Cost: $8


  • Where cabaret sidles up to folk, acoustic sneaks a kiss from plugged-in sounds and clever lyrics dance over a landscape of solidly tasty melody lives Melissa Main and her original...
    Melissa Main
  • Peny Bohan is a Melbourne based songwriter who delivers Urban Folk music that will make you want to stay, buy her a drink and wrap yourself up in her melodies.
    Peny Bohan
  • Juleiaah Boehm (KissHead)
    • Luke Escombe is a musician, writer and comedian from Sydney who plays a style of music called "flip flop", drawing influence from artists as diverse as Frank Zappa, Ice C...
      Luke Escombe
    • Simone Page Jones


The Wesley Anne
250 High St, Northcote